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well the election is over, and to say i'm disappointed is barely scratching the surface... <:(
Obama was re-elected, and (this nation's only hope of getting our economy back on it feet) Romney lost.

*if you are all for Obama, then you shouldn't read ahead. at least i gave you a warning, right?*

In my opinion, he should have been impeached a looooong time ago. He had already proved that he wasn't what America needed. The economy never got better (as he so claimed many times), is gotten worse. At least Romney could have turned it in the right direction!
When i first entered high school, i was labeled (wrongly) racist, all because my gut gave me the he's-so-wrong-for-us wake up call about Obama, and i didn't like him. As of today, my gut feeling has been proven correct about him. Yes, he may be a good father, loving husband, a wonderful man when it comes to his more private life, but when it came to politics: he talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk (if you know what i mean). there's so much crap going on because he has no real clue how to do things, that America is dying. I fear for my future in america, hell, i even fear for my future family (husband, kids, y'know when i'm old enough to have them) and their future. but what i fear the most is my sibling, and my nephew. my sibling needs serious medical care that "Obamacare" can't offer. my nephew is so young (barely 2,so freaking cute) and has so much potential that it breaks my heart to think it could be taken away by one (of his many) misstep by Obama.

so many Americans know that Romney was the wiser choice, yet he lost? why? because we have the oh-so-needless electoral votes that basically make the public votes pointless when our votes are what matters most! thats why! also i'm willing to bet that the vote was rigged, i mean anyone could hire a master hacker to "sway" the votes for tier employer's needs. just saying...

if your offended by any of this, by all means rant to a friend or some other crap, but don't give me crap about this. (it's called Freedom of Speech which i'm proud of having and using for the right reasons example: abortion. i loath it)
i think i've said enough.
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United States
i'm a normal teenager going through normal teenage slag, so about me...
likes: Transformers, some anime, random music, drawing, and other stuff
dislikes: ppl who stab my back when im the loyal pal, rap >:(, my family, sometimes life, and other stuff...
inbetween: sonic (its ok...), my cat >.>, and deserts...more of a green girl...

Transformers rule!!! XD best thing EVER!!!

Current Residence: N/A
Personal Quote: "freedom is the right of all sentient being" (yes Optimus said this first)
Dating: Loki Laufeyson >:3

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It's my pleasure :meow:
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Happy Birthday! ;w;
Thank you, hun!
You just made my day even better :meow:
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Thanks for the fave!
No problem :3
Thanks for the fave.
no problem :)
Many thanks for the fave!
And I also have a request.... When you decide to fill the meme in, mind sending me a link? I'd love to see what you've made of it!
of course! i would love too :3
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